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Enrollment Update AY 2022/2023


Cairo, September 12, 2022: Taaleem is pleased to announce that the ongoing enrollment process for the Academic Year (AY) of 2022/23 at Nahda University in Beni Suef (NUB) is progressing strongly and is expected to reach nearly double the new intake numbers recorded in the AY of 2021/22 based on the number of students who have registered and paid for the coming year. NUB’s enrollment window for the AY of 2022/23 will remain open until mid-October, with 9 operating faculties including the newly launched Arts faculty.

The strong enrollment at NUB is greatly supported by the university’s leading academic offerings, excellent reputation in the market, and the record number of high school graduates eligible to enroll in universities. The number of high school graduates is expected to remain on this upward trajectory during the foreseeable future based on the latest CAPMAS data for enrolled K-12 students in the Egyptian education system.

Furthermore, Taaleem has reached important milestones in Badya University’s development by securing the approval of the SCPU on the university file and finalizing an academic partnership with Maastricht University, as previously announced. Given that the majority of the licensing process has been completed, Taaleem concluded the construction tendering process and began levelling the land on which the university will be built, in line with the plan to launch Badya university in the AY of 2023/24, subject to the Cabinet’s approval and the issuance of the presidential decree. 

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Cairo, June 9, 2022: In its meeting held on Wednesday, June 8 headed by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Supreme Council of Private Universities has decided to terminate the centralized enrollment system that students were required to use to apply to private universities during the academic year 2020/2021 and revert to the pre-2020/2021 direct enrollment system, which allowed students to directly apply to universities through their respective websites. Private...



Cairo, February 13, 2022: Nahda University in Beni Suef (NUB), the first and largest private university in Upper Egypt, received yesterday the presidential approval to launch the two new faculties of Arts and Architecture in the new extension of NUB. The two faculties are part of the planned expansion over the new land area of around 110,000 sqm acquired by Taaleem in 2020 to host the University Hospital and 5 new faculties. The first phase of the expansion, which will include the...



Cairo, November 30, 2022: Taaleem Management Services, Egypt’s leading focused higher education platform, announced today that it signed binding documentation to acquire control of a university under-development in New Cairo.  The acquisition of the university will be completed through Taaleem’s subscription to a capital increase of the target company that currently owns the university to fund the construction of the campus on an area of 80 thousand square meters in a...


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