COVID-19 Response

We are in this together

In these extraordinary times, Taaleem believes that we all play a role in keeping our community, students, and staff healthy. Our actions can and do affect everyone's health and well-being, and that's why we focus on doing our part by putting in place safety measures and precautions.

Once World Health Organization had declared a global emergency as the new Coronavirus continued to spread across the world, Taaleem formed a task force team to manage this rising risk and ensure our stakeholders' health and safety.

Our approach is based on WHO (World Health Organization) and MoHP (Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt). As we move on, we learn new information about the virus all the time, and we carefully review and update our protocols. Following the ministry of higher education announcements for the hybrid education system, we closely monitor our academic plan and follow the guidelines and practices of the WHO & MoHP.

Safety Measures

We developed a comprehensive COVID-19 safety protocol to ensure proper control measures are in place and effectively implemented, including:

  • Procedures for entering the campus; temperature screening, entrance sanitizing, and face masks
  • Mandatory face mask at all times inside the campus
  • priorities that will pop up in any particular month
  • Enforcing physical distancing across the campus and during the educational process
  • Focus on the cleaning and sanitization process, especially in the high risk areas and touchpoints such as handrails and toilets
  • Installation of hand sanitizers across the campus
  • Ensured proper ventilation in closed areas, with natural ventilation given the highest priority
  • Ensured readiness and accessibility of the campus clinics
  • Distributed posters and displayed videos via TV screens to enhance the level of awareness about the virus and recent publications
  • Distribution of awareness booklets to students and staff
  • Daily disinfection and sanitization of campus vehicles
  • Developed a plan to handle suspected cases and availed multiple isolation rooms to accommodate the cases
Operational Measures
  • Enhancement of the IT and online learning quality and the controls
  • Strong remote IT support and cybersecurity assessments
  • Increased health and safety awareness, standards, and spending
  • Implementation of emergency measures for the current situation and continuous revision/benchmarking of measures
  • Use of face recognition machine instead of fingerprint for attendance management
  • Strong and constant communication with the university students on the educational plan, regulatory announcements, and reaffirmation of study continuity under changing operational plans and regulatory announcements
  • Assure students commitment and alignment with the university educational plans and announcements
  • Increased the capacity of online communication tools
The implementation of a Hybrid Learning System

Currently, the Coronavirus is forcing a physical-online hybrid education system. As a response, the group took several actions starting from the academic year 2019/2020 to further strengthen its online education platform and adapt its educational process to the hybrid system through the following:

  • Full utilization of the university's existing ELS
  • Virtual classrooms via Microsoft Team; most of the faculties lectures are available via Microsoft Team and can be taught online
  • The development of in-house manuals and training sessions for students and staff. Faculties' deans and vice deans periodically distribute user guides.
  • All soft educational material and resources (PDF – PPT – Videos) are delivered to students and archived by the faculties' vice deans to be available to the students upon request
  • Quality controls and assurance over online education, academic measures, and financials have been developed with continuous benchmarking against leading online education providers in Egypt
  • Enhanced students' connectivity by providing free mobile data sim cards with free usage over the university URL

The university's online education capacity increase added a substantial advantage and enhanced our students' educational experience. The platform is providing more student-instructor connectivity and information exchange in a more convenient way.

Contact the group HSE department for more information and details on COVID-19 measures and mitigation plan.

Mohamed Eltobgy