About Taaleem

Our Story

Established in 2015, Taaleem Management Services is Egypt’s leading higher education provider. The Company operates a platform-based business model governed by a team of the highest caliber to ensure that it operates efficiently, grows sustainably, and generates shared value to the community and the Company alike. Taaleem’s successful business model is replicable across its higher educational institutions, allowing them to provide each market segment with a tailored value offering and high-quality education that equips students with the skills needed to secure thriving professional careers. Taaleem’s offering is differentiated by superior service quality, enhanced student experiences, and strong supporting functions at the platform level that allow it to extract revenue-level synergies, optimize costs, execute strategic objectives, and drive growth and profitability. Since its launch, Taaleem has set forth its plans to become a key player in the development of Egypt’s private higher education sector. Supported by the country’s favorable market dynamics, Taaleem is focused on growth and expansion with a strategy that focuses on serving a diverse student base with best-value higher education services across Egypt.

Taaleem's Milestones

  • The completion of the first phase of NUB’s University Hospital
  • The commencement of Memphis University's construction
  • The issuance of Badya University's presidential decree marking the conclusion of its licensing
  • Completed the acquisition of Memphis University in East Cairo
  • Received 4-star rating from Qs World University
  • Received Presidential Decree to Launch the Faculties of Arts & Architecture
  • Signed MoU with Maastricht University over an Academic Partnership with Badya University
  • Launched the Faculty of Arts
  • Acquired a University Under Development in East Cairo
  • Listed Taaleem on the EGX
  • Received Initial SCPU Approval on Badya University
  • Secured an Academic Partnership Between NUB and Northern Kentucky University (NKU)
  • Received the License to Provide a Post-Graduate Degree in Dentistry at NUB
  • Partnered with Palm Hills Developments (PHD) to Build a Multi-Faculty University at PHD’s Badya Project in West Cairo
  • Launched the Faculty of Physiotherapy at NUB
  • Increased Quotas for NUB's Faculties of Medicine, Computer Science, & Engineering
  • Launched the Faculty of Medicine at NUB
  • Acquisition of 27 Acres of Land in Beni Suef to Expand NUB's Campus
  • Overhauled NUB's Campus
  • Partnered with MUVI to Enhance the Academic Offering of the Faculty of Dentistry
  • Partnered with MUVI (Medical University of Vienna International) to Develop the Faculty of Medicine at NUB
  • NUB Entered into Right-of-Use Agreement with Beni Suef Hospital to Provide Practical Training for Medical Students
  • Established the First Learning Resource Center in Upper Egypt
  • Established On-Campus Academies in Collaboration with Multinational Companies (APTECH Academy, Cisco Academy, Oracle Academy, and SAP Academy)
  • Acquired Nahda University in Beni Suef (NUB)
  • Launched the Only Specialized and Largest Dental Hospital in Upper Egypt
  • Establishment of Taaleem Management Services

Our Mission

To provide high quality, value-driven, and skill-based higher education services to the communities we serve by leveraging our platform to cater for a diverse portfolio of higher education institutions and optimize benefits for all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be the leading Higher Education Group in Egypt.

Core Values

Taaleem’s operations are anchored on a vision of becoming the leading higher education provider in Egypt by delivering high-quality, value-based instruction across multiple geographies. Taaleem’s work environment is enriched by its values that ensure ethical and efficient operations. Taaleem’s core operational values include:


Taaleem’s offerings are differentiated by a superior quality of service, a key component of its best-value model. Providing premium quality educational services and fostering an environment that nurtures growth and development are among Taaleem’s top priorities.


Taaleem is committed to best serving its students, faculty members, and the community at large. Its operational model stands on the pillars of transparency and accountability across all hierarchical levels, ensuring that value is continuously being generated to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Community & Diversity

At Taaleem, we believe that our employees are our most valuable assets. We take pride in our ability to provide employees with a diverse, safe, and inclusive work environment that ultimately enhances their operational efficiency and productivity.

Social Responsibility

One of Taaleem’s primary goals is to generate shared value by extending its financial and sociological benefits to society. At its core, Taaleem is a company that sets out to improve lives through quality education by delivering high-quality education and giving back to the community.


Functioning in a fair, responsible, and ethical manner is fundamental to Taaleem’s existence. The Company strives to create a culture of trust, respect, accountability, and honesty to maintain its sustainable growth momentum, generate shared value, and maximize shareholder returns.

Creative Expression

Challenging, motivating, and fostering visionaries, unconventional thinkers, and entrepreneurs is at the heart of Taaleem’s offering. Taaleem also provides a range of social, educational, cultural, and recreational programs and events designed to expand and enhance experiences for our community.

Our Assets

  • NUB is the first and largest private university in Upper Egypt. It offers the opportunity to study in one of the current nine faculties, benefiting from two full academic partnerships with the Medical University of Vienna International (MUVI) and Northern Kentucky University, in addition to 18 other partnerships with world-renowned international institutions. The 190K sqm campus houses two dental hospitals, the medical faculty teaching hospital, student dorms, and a sporting & entertainment complex.





Student Capacity


  • Badya University is a top-tier institution currently under development that is 60% owned by Taaleem and 40% owned by Palm Hills Development, one of Egypt’s leading real estate developers. Strategically located at the heart of Cairo’s western suburbs, the university occupies an expansive 167,000 square meter plot within PHD’s flagship project, Badya, Egypt’s first sustainable smart city. Badya University is planned to house eight academic faculties with a total capacity of around 12,500 students. Badya University is expected to launch in September 2024. 




Projected Student Capacity


Campus (K SQM)
  • Memphis University is set to become a prestigious higher education institution situated in East Cairo that aims to offer exceptional education programs across six faculties. Taaleem believes in the transformative power of education, and it is seeking to strike a balance between offering best-in-class quality education and providing exceptional student experience in Memphis University. The university will be established over two phases and will span an area of more than 80 thousand square meters. The University has a unique structure where Taaleem holds 32% stake in the institution while having full operational and financial control. 




Projected Student Capacity


Campus (K SQM)

Management Team

Mohamed El Rashidi

Managing Director

Khaled Khater

Chief Financial Officer

Nehal Ahdy

Public Relations & Marketing Director

Iman Badr El Din

Business Development Director

Hossam Shoshan

Group IT Director

Mohamed El Feky

Supply Chain Manager

Ahmed El Hakim

Head of Engineering & Projects

Solafa Goueli

Director of Academic Development & International Relations

Sally Halawa

Head of Projects & Academic Affairs

Khaled Abdel Aal

Financial Controller

Amal Ghoneim

Budgeting & Reporting Manager

Hazem Fekry

Financial Controller

Ahmed Zayed

Head of Investor Relations

Mohamed Azzam

Senior Human Resources Manager

Mohamed Eltobgy

HSE Manager

Moustafa Abdallah

Internal Audit